Electric hoist, jib crane, scissor lift News

Apr 20, 2018

How to maintain the electric chain hoist

Even the best quality electric chain hoist, if do not pay attention to maintenance, will reduce its application life. Therefore, when operating the electric chain hoist, it is necessary to grasp the maintenance method to improve the electric ...detail>>

Apr 17, 2018

Pillar mounted jib crane structure advantage

* The independent support frame assembly is separated from the cantilever arm in the installation process, is installed separately and simple; * The embedded bearing assembly greatly reduces the additional headroom; ...detail>>

Mar 28, 2018

Cargo lifting elevator price

The cargo lifting elevator is a kind of goods transport equipment from top to bottom through manual control. According to the structure, it can be divided into: scissor lift platform and guide rail lift. ...detail>>

Mar 26, 2018

Electric hoist wire ropes corrosion protection

Wire rope is an important part of the wire rope electric hoist, the sun and rain will cause the steel wire rope to corrode. In particular, the steel wire ropes are used under harmful gas and harsh environment will be more seriously damaged. ...detail>>

Mar 23, 2018

Column mounted jib crane features and application

Column mounted jib crane features 1. Easy to operate 2. Easy to accurately position the load, easy and efficient; 3. The top of shaft is equipped with precision tapered roller bearings and roller assemblies, which have a longer service li ...detail>>

Mar 21, 2018

Chain hoist classification and application

The chain hoist is small size, and its lifting height is higher than other similar products, and the limit distance from the hook to the beam is smaller, can effectively increase the working area. ...detail>>

Mar 19, 2018

Fixed lift platform design and application

The fixed lift platform is a special hydraulic lifting platform used for transporting goods at a high altitude, is mainly used to transport materials from different heights up and down. It is equipped with safety protection devices against f ...detail>>

Mar 14, 2018

Mini electric hoist for sale

The mini electric hoist is a type of wire rope electric hoist and can be divided into household mini electric hoists and industrial mini electric hoists according to different occasions. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, conveni ...detail>>

Mar 12, 2018

Free standing jib crane features and applications

Free standing jib crane features and applications 1. Easy to install 2. All parts are bolted, including trolley stops. 3. Easy to move: The ultra-light cantilever with the copper bushing, easy to rotate and precise position. ...detail>>

Mar 07, 2018

Electric chain hoist structure

The electric chain hoist is reliability, safe operation, modern design and advanced technology. Electric chain hoist has occupied a dominant position in the small lifting capacity area, its design is the purpose of smaller, lighter weight, m ...detail>>

Mar 05, 2018

Jib cantilever cranes hydraulics system

Jib cantilever cranes are hydraulically powered, if fail to comply with the operation and maintenance rules, it will not give full play to the performance, and will shorten the mechanical parts life. ...detail>>

Mar 02, 2018

The Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival began in the Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago. Chinese Emperor Wen ordered the first full-moon night of the year (lunar January 15th) as the Lantern Festival. During Han Emperor Wu period, "Taiyi God" sacrificial ac ...detail>>

Feb 28, 2018

Warehouse goods lift table design

Warehouse goods lift table is mainly used for goods delivery between the warehouse with different height, the warehouse lift table can be installed in the reserved hoistway, indoor or outdoor in the pit, flush with the ground to facilitate t ...detail>>

Feb 26, 2018

CD1 MD1 wire rope electric hoist

CD1, MD1 wire rope electric hoist is a light and small lifting equipment, it can be installed in single girder overhead crane, single girder gantry crane, jib crane. With a little change, can be used as electric winch, is one of the commonly ...detail>>