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Jun 14, 2019

How to install the slip wire of the electric chain hoist?

1. The electric chain hoist is installed on the U-shaped track. For this feature, the steel cable should be placed in the middle of the track and the upper part of the I-beam. The steel cable is made of q~10mm steel wire rope or round steel, ...detail>>

Jun 12, 2019

Column mounted cantilever crane features

The column mounted cantilever crane is simple and safe to operate, easy to assemble and easy to adapt to new workplaces, can be quickly re-installed according to the workplace, especially suitable for maintenance and working that requires fr ...detail>>

Jun 10, 2019

Scissor lift platform fault and eliminate

Low voltage Check the motor starter potential, and the voltage hydraulic range allows ±10%. The motor does not run. Check the scissor lift platform motor and circuit, arbitrarily change the phases line, and check the circuit breaker an ...detail>>

Jun 05, 2019

The common problems of wire rope electric hoists (one)

In the process of using the wire rope electric hoist, it is inevitable that failure will occur. In order to make the wire rope electric hoists run safely, it is necessary to timely and accurately handle various problems that occur during ope ...detail>>

May 31, 2019

Selection of lifting chain of electric chain hoist

The electric chain hoist usually adopt G80 lifting chain, also known as 80-level lifting chain, is an essential lifting device for heavy lifting. The lifting chain is made of high-quality alloy steel (manganese steel, etc.) by production lin ...detail>>

May 29, 2019

Floor mounted jib crane common problems

Floor mounted jib crane consists of three parts: machinery parts, metal structure and electrical appliances, the three complements are cooperation and win-win relationship to ensure the normal use of floor mounted jib crane. ...detail>>

May 27, 2019

Introduction of self propelled lift platform

The self-propelled lift platform is used for working at high altitude, it is used in a certain area; small in size and can be used indoors or in a narrow area. It can continuously move forward, backward, turn, and up and down in the working ...detail>>

May 22, 2019

Wire rope electric hoist 1 ton 20 ton

The wire rope electric hoist adopts the electromechanical integration design, the steel wire ropes can be pressed in different specifications with different molds, easy to operate, greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficienc ...detail>>

May 20, 2019

Electric chain hoist 125kg 2000kg

The electric chain hoist has a lifting capacity of 125 kg to 2000 kg, it has two lifting speeds of single speed (8m/min) and double speed (8/0.8m/min), its shell is mainly made of high-strength light metal alloy, compact structure, small siz ...detail>>

May 17, 2019

Use and introduction of floor mounted jib crane

The floor mounted jib crane is a new type of lifting tool for workshops, it is a light and small lifting equipment with the advantages of simple operation, convenient installation, high safety, low cost and wide application, is the most suit ...detail>>

May 15, 2019

Hydraulic lifting platform 300kg 500kg 1000kg

The hydraulic lifting platform adopts high-strength high-quality steel material, and it is driven by the hydraulic pump station to drive the chain, structure is reasonable and compact, beautiful shape, small size, light weight, stable liftin ...detail>>

May 13, 2019

Explosion proof electric hoist design

Explosion proof electric hoist is suitable for the construction site which has explosion-proof requirements, with flammable gas or explosive gas and mixture. The working environment temperature is -25°C~+40°C, suitable for indoor use, if u ...detail>>

May 10, 2019

HHBB electric chain hoist manufacturer

* Rated load: 1/6~20 tons; * Test load should be greater than 125% rated load; * Light weight and easy to install; * Can be used with voltages and frequencies in various countries ...detail>>

May 08, 2019

Floor mounted jib crane overload protection device

The overhead protection device of floor mounted jib crane can issue an light or sound warning signal when the lifting weight reaches about 90% of the rated lifting capacity; when the lifting weight exceeds the rated lifting capacity, the flo ...detail>>

May 06, 2019

Scissor lift platform service

The scissor lift platform has built-in battery power supply, no need external power supply, and can lift, lower, turn, retreat, fast, slow by control handle, flexible movement, convenient operation, labor saving, and labor saving, make the ...detail>>