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Aug 08, 2019

Environmental requirements for pillar mounted jib cranes

The environmental requirements of the pillar mounted jib crane are as follows: 1. The power supply of the crane is three-phase AC, the rated frequency is 50HZ, and the rated voltage is 380V. ...detail>>

Aug 05, 2019

Precautions for use lifting work platforms in summer

1. The lifting work platforms grounding work should be done well, and it is easy to leak electricity in a humid environment. 2. Do not work outdoors in rainy weather to prevent the electric appliance from getting wet and cause the safety ac ...detail>>

Aug 01, 2019

Wire rope electric hoist rope guide

The rope guide is a consumable part in the wire rope electric hoist. What are the reasons of the rope guide damaged? First, the wire rope problem 1. The wire rope is damaged and bent, and the rope guide is worn; 2. When the wire rope is r ...detail>>

Jul 29, 2019

Hand chain hoist use tips

The hand chain hoist is also called the manual chain hoist, it is a hand-operated hoist that is easy to use and easy to carry, suitable for short-distance lifting with small equipment and goods. The lifting weight is generally less than 10t, ...detail>>

Jul 25, 2019

The floor mounted jib crane height limiter

The floor mounted jib crane height limiter device combines the stroke switch with the convex-concave brace structure, simple structure and sensitive action, which can effectively prevent accidents and ensure safe production at the constructi ...detail>>

Jul 22, 2019

Operation and maintenance of hydraulic lift platform

1. The hydraulic lift platform has been adjusted and inspected before leaving the factory, the technical indicators meet the design requirements. When using, do not adjust the hydraulic and electrical systems. 2. Before using the hydraulic ...detail>>

Jul 18, 2019

Wire rope maintenance

In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the wire rope electric hoist, the quality of the wire rope must be guaranteed. 1.During the wire rope electric hoist using, the wire rope should be avoided sharp corners. The start, bra ...detail>>

Jul 15, 2019

Electric chain hoist safe design

Gear limit switch: The electric chain hoist have 2 or 4 limit switch to provide safe loading, increase safety. Load sprocket: Made of hardened steel with extra chain pockets for low noise. Transmission box: Permanent grease lubrication for ...detail>>

Jul 11, 2019

Hoisting speed and running speed of column mounted jib crane

The working speed of the floor mounted jib crane includes the hoisting speed, the running speed of the trolley. The choice of working speed depends on a variety of factors. First of all, it is related to lifting weight. The floor mounted j ...detail>>

Jul 08, 2019

Hydraulic lifting platform 3m 30m

The hydraulic lifting platform is a multifunctional lifting and loading and unloading machinery, lifting height ranges is from 3 meter to 30 meters, can also be customized according to user requirements. It is widely used in automobile, cont ...detail>>

Jul 01, 2019

Wire rope electric hoist lifting mechanism

The wire rope electric hoist lifting mechanism is rotated by the hoisting motor through the coupling and the reducer hollow shaft to drive drum, so that the wire rope drives the hook device to rise or fall. 1. Hoisting motor The hoisting m ...detail>>

Jun 27, 2019

Related standards for electric chain hoist motor

National standards for protection class, cooling method and installation type of electric chain hoist motor casing: * The motor enclosure protection level should meet the requirements of IP54 of GB4942.1 (except for the fan cover and brake ...detail>>

Jun 24, 2019

Mobile jib crane safety operation

1. When the mobile jib crane is working, parked or driving, it should keep a safe distance from the ditch; 2. The mobile jib crane should be placed on a flat and solid ground during operation, and the inclination of the fuselage must not ex ...detail>>

Jun 20, 2019

Main material of hydraulic lifting platform cylinder

There are many kinds of materials used in the hydraulic cylinders of the hydraulic lifting platform, the common hydraulic cylinders often use the No. 35 seamless steel pipe, the No. 20 seamless steel pipe, and the No. 45 seamless steel pipe. ...detail>>

Jun 17, 2019

About wire rope electric hoist

Wire rope electric hoist is a small lifting equipment, its structure is compact, light weight, small volume, easy to operate, and has very versatile parts for easy maintenance and replacement. The wire rope electric hoist can be installed on ...detail>>