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Sep 30, 2019

How to safely use the CD1 electric hoist?

CD1 electric hoist is a wire rope electric hoist, is a kind of light and small lifting equipment. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation, convenient use and easy maintenance, is used in industrial and mining ...detail>>

Sep 26, 2019

Prevention measures of jib crane brake

The brake is an important safety component of the jib crane. It has the functions of preventing the falling of the lifted object and realizing the parking, ensuring the accuracy and safe production of the jib crane. ...detail>>

Sep 23, 2019

The lifting platform working speed lower

As using for a long time, the speed of the lifting platform rise and fall will become slower and slower, and need to be take measures to adjust the solution. Solution for slower lifting platform: 1. When the hydraulic lifting platform ca ...detail>>

Sep 19, 2019

Troubleshooting method for electric chain hoist (2)

Motor temperature is too high Fault: Overloaded or worked too often. Solve: Work at rated load and hoist work level. R: Lubricant failure or too little lubricant. S: Change oil or add oil ...detail>>

Sep 16, 2019

Precautions of wire rope electric hoist

Wire rope electric hoist is a convenient small lifting equipment, which adopts stamped steel body, which is light and strong; high-strength safety hook has high safety performance; the rope is not easy to fall off and the use is more stable. ...detail>>

Sep 12, 2019

Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes

Moon cakes, also known as moon cookie, harvest cakes, reunion cakes, etc., are the season foods of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon cake was the offerings used to worship the moon god. ...detail>>

Sep 09, 2019

Troubleshooting method for electric chain hoist

Motor does not turn Fault: The motor can't be started because it is not used for a long time. Solve: Remove the rear bearing rubber dust cover and push the motor shaft a few times. ...detail>>

Sep 05, 2019

Cantilever jib crane safety operation procedures

Normative reference Safety Regulations for Hoisting Machinery (GB6067-85) Safety Regulations for Lifting Tools and Rigging of Lifting Machines (LD48-93) Safety Technical Specification for Overload Protection Device for Hoisting Machinery ...detail>>

Sep 02, 2019

Scissor lift table maintenance

Scissor lift table, like other mechanical equipment, require routine maintenance. Under normal circumstances, the scissor lift table should be operated and routinely maintained by specially trained personnel. The hydraulic oil is changed eve ...detail>>

Aug 29, 2019

The characteristics of frequency wire rope electric hoist

Wire rope electric hoist is an important lifting tool in lifting machinery, which can be used for lifting, moving, loading and unloading goods. The frequency conversion wire rope electric hoist uses the frequency converter to change the powe ...detail>>

Aug 26, 2019

The electric chain hoist heavy object slides too far

Reason: There is oil on the friction surface of the electric chain hoist brake Solve: Remove the motor back cover and scrub the oil on the friction surface. ...detail>>

Aug 23, 2019

Safety precautions for floor mounted jib crane hooks

Once there is a problem with the hook of the floor mounted jib crane, it is easy to cause the lifted objects to fall, lead to serious casualties. One of the common problems with hooks is the unhooking. When the objects are not properly tied ...detail>>

Aug 19, 2019

Inferior hydraulic oil of hydraulic lifting platform

Hydraulic oil is a must-have for hydraulic lifting platform, it is not only functions as system lubrication and energy transfer, but also rust proof, corrosion proof and cooling. The quality of hydraulic oil will affect the service life and ...detail>>

Aug 15, 2019

Advantages of 220V mini electric hoist

The 220V mini electric hoist can be hung on the scaffolding, making it easier and safer for building materials to reach the floor and roof. It is equipped with a hanging key interlocking protection hook for easy installation and safe operati ...detail>>

Aug 12, 2019

Electric chain hoist motor inspection

The electric chain hoist uses a three-phase asynchronous AC motor, which can be used not only as a power plant in the industrial industry, but also as a power plant in agriculture, transportation, and engineering. ...detail>>