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Jan 16, 2019

HC electric hoist and CD electric hoist

Electric hoist can be divided into wire rope electric hoist and electric chain hoist, and the wire rope electric hoist includes CD electric hoist, HC electric hoist, HM electric hoist, BCD electric hoist, MD electric hoist and BMD electric h ...detail>>

Dec 11, 2018

CD1 MD1 wire rope electric hoist for sale

* Adopting international advanced technology, and the shell use high-end convex process * Low-alloy structural steel plate, safe and reliable, durable * 80 grade high strength lifting chain with high safety factor and long service life * ...detail>>

Jan 24, 2018

Electric hoist pulley block maintenance

The electric hoist pulleys are worn no matter what kind of material, pulley wear is usually related to service conditions. The more frequent using, the more severe, the pulley are worn. The pulley conditions have a significant impact on the ...detail>>

Nov 28, 2017

Difference of HC electric hoist and CD electric hoist

Electric hoist can be divided into wire rope electric hoist, electric chain hoist. Wire rope electric hoist can be divided into CD1 electric hoist, HC electric hoist, HM electric hoist, BCD electric hoist, MD electric hoist and BMD electric ...detail>>

Aug 15, 2017

Hydraulic Lift Table Notice

(1) Hydraulic Lift Tables adopt liquid as the working medium, easy to leak, oil can be compressed, so it can not be used for occasions which transmission requirements is more accurate. ...detail>>

Jun 20, 2017

0.5t, 1t, 2t Workshop Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Capacity: 0.25 ~ 5 ton Maximum span: 6 m Lifting speed: 8/0.8 m/minute Electric hoist traveling speed: 20 m/minute Crane traveling speed: 20 m/minute This Jib Crane is a wall mounted swing jib crane, easy to install and control, wide ...detail>>

Mar 21, 2017

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table working principle

The Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table consists of a walking mechanism, hydraulic mechanism, electric control mechanism, and supporting mechanism. Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table working principle Hydraulic oil form a certain pressure from the va ...detail>>

Mar 17, 2017

Wire Rope Electric Hoist Feature

The new wire rope electric hoist mainly has the following characteristics: 1) The Wire Rope Electric Hoist apply the disc brake motor to instead of HSZ-10 hand chain hoist chain and brake parts, brake sensitive, accurate and reliable. 2) T ...detail>>

Feb 24, 2017

Wall Mounted Jib Crane Advantages

Wall Mounted Jib Crane is a light duty lifting crane machine, it is mounted on the wall with bolts and fixed steel plate. For it only has Cantilever Arm and electric or manual hoist, save workshop space, save energy, 180 degree rotating, eas ...detail>>

Feb 21, 2017

Manual chain hoist can be used in groups

Many people know that there is a low-speed electric chain hoist can be group lifting working with the control cabinet, manual chain hoists can also be group used. Manual chain hoist working principle: through the human drag chain, and by th ...detail>>

Feb 14, 2017

The wire rope electric hoist three advantage

Wire rope electric hoist are usually used in the mall, factories and other places often used, we will introduce its three advantage. One, the wire rope electric hoist is designed with advanced materials, as the alloy steel, and all exposed ...detail>>

Jan 20, 2017

Hand Manual Chain Hoist use precautions

1. Hand Manual Chain Hoist must be carefully examined various parts before operation, including chain, hook, block, etc, make sure in good condition before using. 2. Hand Manual Chain Hoist shall not be overloaded. ...detail>>

Jan 13, 2017

Scissor Lift Table Work Principle

For the lifting platform, it often use multi level X shaped scissor mechanism. X shaped scissor lift table mechanism is a kind of single freedom mechanism, is widely used in industry and daily life, such as toy, lamp installation and mainten ...detail>>

Dec 15, 2016

Electric Hoist Fault Reason and Solution

Electric hoist operation Fault 1. Button contact have got damp, cause the contactor pull-in, main circuit power on and running by itself, the hoist hook collide with body, lead to deformation or even burn the motor. 1. Limit switch fail or ...detail>>

Dec 13, 2016

Electric Chain Hoist Maintenance Errors

Each product has its own maintenance methods, electric chain hoist regular maintenance not only can reduce the parts wear, but also can extend electric chain hoist service life, play its highest performance. But only the correct maintenanc ...detail>>