Electric Hoist

With small size ,light weight ,easy operation features and installed on overhead crane or gantry crane generally.

Jib Crane

With light weight ,large span, heavy capacity and economical features ,composed of upright ,revolving arm and hoist .

Lift Table

With light weight, easy operation, large working area features ,as a equipment of carry people or goods vertically .

Transfer Cart

With easy to use ,heavy capacity, long service life ,easy maintenance features ,the important transportation that carrying goods from workshop to other workshop.


With easy operation , large rope capacity features ,used in multi-directions (vertical/level/diagonal) carry goods .

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Henan Jinrui Machinery Company, located in crane hometown of China, begins its manufacturing from 1981. We devoted to design, manufacturing, sales, installation of industrial light-small type hoisting equipment with whole process and integrated solutions


We provide light lifting equipments including jib crane, hoist ,lift table ,winch ,electric transfer cart and all kinds of spares .Our objective is to improve the safety and productivity of our customers’ operationsand provide the most professional technical assistance.

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Difference between an electric winch and

The electric winch and electric hoist are similar in appearance and both can be used for material lifting. But in fact, there is still a certain difference between them. Let's look at the difference between the two from the perspective of pe...[read more]

Lifting chain of electric chain hoist

Lifting chain of electric chain hoist

The lifting chain of electric chain hoist adopts Φ7.1mm and Φ11.2mm 80 grade hardening lifting chain to ensure its safety and durability. The strong hardening surface of the lifting chain prevents product breakage and softening of the core...[read more]

Free standing jib crane price

The Free standing jib crane is also called: cantilever crane, floor mountedjib crane, the working intensity is light, consisting of column, swing arm, slewing drive and electric chain hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concre...[read more]

Hydraulic lifting platform design

The lifting platform is a kind of mechanical equipment that lifts people or goods to a certain height, it is a relatively simple lifting equipment machinery, large lifting force, large lifting area, stable lifting, low noise, convenient oper...[read more]

Electric wire rope hoists characteristics

Electric wire rope hoists characteristics 1. Lightweight and small box designs are easy to move. 2. When the pull rope contact limit arm, the electric wire rope hoists will automatically stop lifting. 3. The sensor arm brakes the motor wh...[read more]


Mobile Scissor Lift
Mobile Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift is mainly used to lift workers to high place for repairs maintenance...

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European electric hoists
European electric hoists

The electric hoist is designed and manufactured according to standard JB/T3695-19...

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High speed Electric Winch
High speed Electric Winch

Electric winch is widely used to install and disassembly various huge and oversiz...

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Low Voltage Railway Electric Cart
Low Voltage Railway Electric Cart

The KPD electric cart (electric flat wagon) is mainly applied in assembly line, p...

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Stationary Jib Crane
Stationary Jib Crane

1.Jib crane is small and medium-speed lifting equipment developed recently.2.It h...

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