HC electric hoist and CD electric hoist

Electric hoist can be divided into wire rope electric hoist and electric chain hoist, and the wire rope electric hoist includes CD electric hoist, HC electric hoist, HM electric hoist, BCD electric hoist, MD electric hoist and BMD electric hoist.
HC wire rope electric hoist has a larger lifting weight, generally more than 16t, with a two-speed design, the slow speed is generally one-tenth of the fast speed, and the shape of the reel is square.
The CD wirte rope electric hoist has a lifting weight of less than 16t, only a single speed (8m/min), and the outer shell of the reel is cylindrical.
In general, the HC wire rope electric hoist has a larger lifting weight than the CD electric hoist, with a higher working level and an additional lifting speed. The force type of HC electric hoist is stronger than that of the CD electric hoist, but when the specifications are the same, the HC electric hoist will be larger in volume. In addition, and maintenance is also more difficult.
wire rope electric hoist


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