Jib cantilever crane design

The jib cantilever crane is made of Q235B material, the column is made of seamless steel pipe, and the bearing is Havalo. In order to ensure the 360 degree rotation of the cantilever, and does not affect the winding of the cable, we has designed a carbon brush rotating conductive device. It can be rotated at any angle without causing the winding of the conductive cable and the cable twisting to avoid unnecessary accidents and work failures.
The jib cantilever crane operation is ground flashlight operation, power supply is 380V, 50 Hz, the control power supply is 36 volts, and the upper limit is installed to ensure that the hanging objects will not collide due to sudden problems during work. 
The lifting chain is made of a carburized high-strength steel.
The brake ring material of jib cantilever crane is composite material, which avoids the difficulty of starting due to the resistance of the brake ring to the motor when the working frequency is hig.
The electrical appliance ensures that the jib cantilever crane will not be faulty during operation and continuity.
jib cantilever crane

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