Hydraulic lifting platform design

The hydraulic lifting platform is a kind of mechanical equipment that lifts people or goods to a certain height, it is a relatively simple lifting equipment machinery, large lifting force, large lifting area, stable lifting, low noise, convenient operation and easy maintenance, can stop at any position within the lifting range, is widely used in many industries such as warehouses, docks, and automated production lines, can be used as a better tool for personnel to climb and work vertically.
The lifting platform emerges with the demand of human vertical conveying, nowadays, the hydraulic lifting platform adopts two types of hydraulic type and pneumatic type. Among them, the hydraulic type is widely used because of its stable lifting, small volume and large power supply. The hydraulic lifting platform adopts the scissor lift arm, is small in size, easy to move, and has small limit of working environment. Today, the hydraulic lifting platform adds many auxiliary equipment, such as safety protection, guards, etc.
hydraulic lifting platform

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