Electric Hydraulic Lift Platform

Electric Hydraulic Lift Platform Application* Drive mode: Electric motor or battery* Loading capacity: 1-20 t (can be customized)* Voltage: 380V, 50hz,3p (can be customized)* Height: 1.8 - 4.5 m* Platform material and surface: Diam
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Electric Hydraulic Lift Platform Application

* Drive mode: Electric motor or battery
* Loading capacity: 1-20 t (can be customized)
* Voltage: 380V, 50hz,3p (can be customized)
* Height: 1.8 - 4.5 m
* Platform material and surface: Diamond plate, aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate, acrylic palte
* Operation: button control, remote control (can be customized)

Electric Hydraulic Lift Platform is mainly used for loading, transporting, delivering and dispatching goods between the different height levels in many industrial logistics, the machine is large loading, stable up and down, easy installation and maintenance and with the protective cover and stable pressure system to avoid sudden fall,  Electric Hydraulic Lift Platform is totally explosion-proof, can be applied in chemical industries, paints, coatings, coal mines, shipping, semiconductor, water, petrochemical, biotechnology and fiber production, and can be used in high safety requirement production environment.

Electric Hydraulic Lift Platform Feature

1. Easy to operate and install, safe and reliable, Convenient in and out of worksite
2. Most suitable for the ares which has no sufficient space to turn the venicle, automatic or manually control
3. Proper lifting reduces product damage and worker fatigue and injury
4. Heavy duty hydraulic cylinders with chrome plated rams, polyurethane seals on cylinders 
5. The table platform is anti-akid, which can aviode the material falling down. 
6. Safety trip bar: The bar is under platform, if the platform touches any items while going down, it will stop working immediately, which can avoid to do any harm.
7. Control box is with UP, DOWN and E-stop buttons, when there is any emergency, you can press the E-stop down, then the table will stop working. 

Electric Hydraulic Lift Platform Delivery

1. Delivery time: within 15 days after deposit, also depends on quantity and model
2. Payment: usually our payment term is 30% T/T, the 70% should be paid before shipment.


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