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Jan 17, 2018

0.5 ton 5 ton Pillar mounted jib crane design

Pillar mounted jib crane belongs to the light duty industrial lifting machine, consists of column, rotary arm, rotary drive and electric hoist or chain hoist. It has the characteristics of light weight, large span, large lifting capacity and ...detail>>

Jan 16, 2018

Pulley group in the lifting equipment

Pulley group is composed of a number of fixed pulleys and moving pulleys, can achieve the purpose of both save the effort and change the direction of force. In use, the pulley use effect depends on the amount of labor-saving and method of ro ...detail>>

Jan 12, 2018

Electric chain hoist modular design

Electric chain hoist as a universal lifting device can be used with a variety of lifting crane machines, the load capacity is from 125kg to 2900kg, safe, reliable, easy to install, suitable for most of the manufacturing occasions, provide a ...detail>>

Jan 10, 2018

Wall traveling jib crane design for sale

Wall traveling jib crane is a new type of material handling equipment developed on the basis of floor mounted jib cranes. The wall traveling jib crane vertical travels along the roadway track that be installed in the cement column of the pla ...detail>>

Jan 09, 2018

Cantilever jib crane in the lifting industry advantages

Cantilever jib crane is a new generation of light lifting equipment to adapt to the modernization of production, with the high reliability electric chain hoist especially suitable for short distances, frequent using, intensive lifting operat ...detail>>

Jan 08, 2018

Industrial plant electric hoist operations

Industrial electric hoist is a lifting device that can move up and down, lateral loading to help lifting materials, is widely used in a variety of plants, if the plant space is more narrow, only need simply set up the beams and other structu ...detail>>

Jan 05, 2018

Cantilever jib crane operation certificate training

(A) Cantilever jib crane operation professional and safety knowledge 1. Cantilever jib crane classification, using scope and technical performance 2. The main parameters of the cantilever jib crane 3. Cantilever jib crane safety device ...detail>>

Jan 04, 2018

Electric wire rope hoist purchase matters

When purchase electric wire rope hoist, we should focus on checking the quality and parameters, can start from the following aspects: 1. Lifting height: purchase according to the working plant height to choose a suitable lifting height, the ...detail>>

Jan 02, 2018

0.25 ton 10 ton Wire rope electric hoist Supplier

Wire rope electric hoist Parameter * Capacity: 0.25 ton ~ 32 ton * Lifting height: 3~30 m * Power Source: Electric * Sling Type: Wire Rope ...detail>>

Dec 28, 2017

20t Battery Operated Rail Transfer Cart for sale

Our products include rail transfer cart, trackless transfer car, electric hoist, electric winch, gantry crane, overhead crane etc. Our products have passed the authentication of Quality system ISO9001, and SGS, CE certifications. All of our ...detail>>

Dec 27, 2017

3 ton Wire Rope Electric Hoist Specification

CD/MD Wire rope electric hoist specification Lifting capacity: 3 ton Lifting height: 6/9/12/15/18m Working class: M5 Power supply voltage: 110/220/380V, 50HZ, 3phase ...detail>>

Dec 26, 2017

1 ton 5 ton Pillar mounted jib crane

Pillar mounted jib crane rated loading capacity is 0.25 ton ~ 20 ton, the span is up to 6m, pass the CE, ISO certification, suitable for workshop, warehouse short distance material transportation, machine assembled with remote control. ...detail>>

Dec 25, 2017

Rail transfer cart working principle

KPD rail transfer cart is powered by the rail sliding line. It conducts AC 380V sliding wire directly into the AC electrical control system to make rail transfer cart start and stop, go forward and backward and so on. ...detail>>

Dec 22, 2017

Floor mounted jib crane use characteristics

Floor mounted jib crane, also known as pillar mounted jib crane, column mounted jib crane, free standing jib cane, fixed column jib crane. Floor mounted jib crane generally compose of column, cantilever arm, rotary mechanism, hoist, electric ...detail>>

Dec 21, 2017

Cantilever jib crane manufacturers introduce

Cantilever jib cranes are new generation of light lifting equipment to adapt modern production, with the high reliability electric chain hoist, especially suitable for short distances, frequent use, intensive lifting operations, high efficie ...detail>>