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Jul 13, 2018

mobile hydraulic scissor lift features

Mobile hydraulic scissor lift Features * High quality configuration, CAN bus intelligent device; * Very good job stability; * The excellent electronic control system is quick and easy to control; * The lifting mechanism is made of high-s ...detail>>

Jul 10, 2018

2 ton 10 ton electric chain hoist

1. After using, the electric chain hoist should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust grease, placed in a dry place and protected from direct sunlight to avoid rust and erosion of the chain hoist. 2. Use kerosene to clean the electric chain ...detail>>

Jul 06, 2018

BZY mobile jib crane design

BZY mobile jib crane (also known as mobile cantilever crane) is a movable rotary arm jib crane. The mobile jib crane is more flexible and adaptable, is a necessary emergency lifting device for high efficiency automatic production line, can e ...detail>>

Jul 03, 2018

Electric wire rope hoist working design

1. Electric wire rope hoist is not suitable for working in the place which is filled with corrosive gases or relative humidity greater than 85%, It is not a substitute for explosion-proof hoist, not suitable for lifting molten metal or toxi ...detail>>

Jun 22, 2018

Mobile hydraulic lifting platform main structure

Mobile hydraulic lifting platform is generally composed of four components: mechanical structure, hydraulic system, electrical system and mobile wheels, the oil pump and motor constitute power unit. ...detail>>

Jun 15, 2018

The Dragon Boat Festival

It will be the Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival centers around a scholarly poet ...detail>>

Jun 08, 2018

HSZ manual chain hoists characteristics

HSZ series manual chain hoists have the following characteristics: 1. Adopt Z (heavy) working level, reliable performance and durability. ...detail>>

Jun 06, 2018

HC/HM large tonnage wire rope electric hoist introduction

HC/HM large tonnage wire rope electric hoist is a heavy-duty hoisting machine used in the company, factory and mining industry, such a product configuration will generally be more, and it will occupy a greater market in the coming period of ...detail>>

May 29, 2018

500kg Mobile jib crane design

The mobile jib crane is a type of small duty lifting equipment, the max lifting capacity is 500kg, equip with chain hoist or wire rope hoist. The base will be mounted wheels, the wheels diameter depends on capacity and cantilever arm. ...detail>>

May 25, 2018

How to maintain the hand chain hoist?

Hand chain hoist maintenance method: 1. After use, the hand chain hoists should be cleaned and coated with rust-proof grease, and stored in a dry place. 2. The maintenance and overhaul should be performed by those who are familiar with the ...detail>>

May 15, 2018

Electric chain hoist characteristics

Electric chain hoists include different types, such as hook type, manual trolley type, electric trolley type, low headroom type, different types and different operating environments, but all electric chain hoists have common characteristics. ...detail>>

May 11, 2018

Hydraulic lift platform advantage

Compared with mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission has many advantages, so it is widely used in Hydraulic lift platform. The hydraulic transmission is easy to operate and control, can achieve a wide range of stepless speed regula ...detail>>

May 09, 2018

Floor mounted jib crane hydraulics device

Floor mounted jib cranes are hydraulically powered and equipped with hydraulics device. Therefore, if do not strictly abide by the rules of operation and maintenance, not only can not fully play floor mounted jib cranes due performance, but ...detail>>

May 03, 2018

Hand chain block hoist price

Hand chain block hoist structure principle: Combination of speed reducer with reverse check brake and chain pulley block The advantages of hand chain block hoists: ...detail>>