Electric Hoist Lifting Equipment

Electric hoist is a small lifting equipment which make motor, reducer and wire rope reel (or chain) as one, most also with a walk trolley to adapt single girder bridge or gantry crane requirement. 
The Electric hoist is a small size, light weight, simple operation, easy to use and so on, is the necessary lifting equipment of industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses and other places.
Electric Hoist Working Priciple
The body middle part is the wire rope cable drum, one end is the motor, the motor produce power and transport power to the reducer on other end through rotating shaft, reducer drive the cable drum (or chain) wire rope to lift objects. 
Now, the most Electric hoist motors adopt tapered rotor motor, this type motor can be self-braking in the power failure event.

Electric Hoist Classification
The Electric hoist can be divided into mini electric hoist, electric chain hoist, wire rope electric hoist, multi-function lifting hoist, electric winch.

Mini electric hoist

Wire rope electric hoist

Electric chain hoist

Electric winch

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