Mobile jib cranes application

Mobile jib cranes (also known as: mobile cantilever cranes) is a movable jib crane, compared with floor mounted jib crane, it is more flexible, wide adaptability, is a necessary emergency lifting equipment on the efficient automatic production line, can effectively ensure the production line unimpeded.

Model Capacity (t) Base Width (mm) Outrigger Width (mm) L (mm) h (mm) H (mm)
BZY0.25 0.25 900 400 2500 3000 3700
BZY0.5 0.5 900 400 2250 2000 2800

The mobile jib crane is equipped with electric chain hoist (or wire rope electric hoist) on one end of the 360 ° rotary cantilever for lifting the cargo or workpiece, the other end sets the counterweight and rotates at the same time as the cantilever arm to keep the balance. Mobile jib crane is widely used in factories and mines, workshops, fields, storage, small equipment installation, cargo and workpiece handling, and low construction which can not set up bridge track and other places.

mobile jib crane

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