Floor Mounted Jib Crane Feature

Floor Mounted Jib Crane Products Introduction

BZD Floor Mounted Jib Crane is a kind of  small and medium-sized lifting equipment, unique structure, safe and reliable, high efficiency, energy conservation, the provincial time, effort, and flexible and so on. 
Floor Mounted Jib Crane can operate freely in 3D space, and it is more suitable for working in the short-range and intensive lifting occasions, widely used in workshops, warehouses, docks and other fixed place.

Floor Mounted Jib Crane Technical Specification

Lifting capacity: 0~20 ton
lifting height: 0~30m
Rotating degree: 180°/270°/360°
Lifting mechanism: electric wire rope hoist, chain hoist, manual hoist
Material: steel structure
Surface treatment: sandblasting
Standard: FEM/CMAA
Application: workshops, warehouses, docks and other fixed place, construction usage, mineral area

Floor Mounted Jib Crane Feature

* Compact Design
The advanced design idea gives the Floor Mounted Jib Crane light structure and excellent performance, and make the hook operation distance in the maximum, and improves the space utilization rate effectively. So Floor Mounted Jib Crane can reduce your workshop investment costs and bring more investment returns.
* Smooth, Fast Loading
The standard configuration of Floor Mounted Jib Crane is the trolley and crane both having stepless frequency conversion control system, braked stably, accurate location, and reliable performance, which make Floor Mounted Jib Crane travel steady, position quick.
* Safe, Reliable, Using Free Maintenance Design  
The Floor Mounted Jib Crane will shows its superiority especially in the frequent operations. The perfect braking system improves safety and reliability a lot, which can be adjusted by itself with dustproof design, and it can be used more than 1 million times. Hardening and polishing the tooth surface will make sure the crane operate without trouble.
floor mounted jib crane

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