Column mounted jib crane design features

The Column mounted jib cranes are simple to assemble, simpler and safer to operate; complete electrical installation, mains switch lockable, can install removable base to move.
Column mounted jib cranes can be quickly re-assembled in the workplace to easily adapt to new working condition requirements, is the ideal lifting equipment for changing frequently workplaces, especially for repairs or jobs that require frequent changes.
Column mounted jib cranes are independent, ideal lifting cranes for work stations, light weight, small footprint, greater load and longer cantilever service area with optional heavy duty anchor bolts or embedded anchor bolts. The column mounted jib cranes are equipped with a chain hoist or wire rope hoist with low headroom design, which can provide a larger lifting height. Therefore, it is suitable for situations where the space is relatively small and the lifting height requires relatively large.
Column mounted jib cranes can save ground space, ready-made standardization can saves complex calibration work, installation and assembly are simple.
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