Electric hoist pulley block maintenance

The electric hoist pulleys are worn no matter what kind of material, pulley wear is usually related to service conditions. The more frequent using, the more severe, the pulley are worn. The pulley conditions have a significant impact on the service life of the electric hoisting mechanism, should check the pulleys periodically, the particular point is the pulley grooves wear.
Pulley wear is caused by friction between the rope and pulley, when the pulley groove is too narrow, it will reduce the rope performance and service life.
Broken pulleys are particularly damaging to high-performance impending wire ropes, which can cause wire rope breakage or rope structural changes within a short time, such as jumping wire, rope core outleakage, wire rope deformation, according to ISO 4309 Requirements, this damage has reached the scrapped standards.
The owner of electric hoist should replace the pulley or process the rope groove to prevent this damage. All the used pulleys should be tested before the new wire rope is installed. And, require the rope groove surface should be smooth and the rope groove width should be larger than the rope actual diameter.
electric hoist pulley

electric hoist pulley

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