electric hoist with remote control

The electric hoist is mainly composed of the electric motor, the transmission mechanism and the reel or sprocket. The electric hoist is mainly divided into the wire rope electric hoist and the chain electric hoist.
It is usually driven by a conical rotor motor with its own brake, the electric hoist is suitable for working in an environment with temperature -25 to +40 degree and the humidity is <= 85%, altitude below 1000 m, no fire, no explosion hazard and no corrosive medium, and can not lift the melted metal, toxic, flammable, explosive materials. If the high-risk environment can choose explosion-proof electric hoist and metallurgical electric hoist.
The electric power supply for the electric hoist is AC three-phase, 50Hz, 380V, the mini electric hoists can use 2 phase 220V. For each working level raise of the intermediate electric hoist, the rated lifting capacity must be reduced by 20%.
chain electric hoist

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