Wire rope electric hoist 1 ton 20 ton

The wire rope electric hoist adopts the electromechanical integration design,  the steel wire ropes can be pressed in different specifications with different molds, easy to operate, greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.
1. Before using the wire rope electric hoist, be sure to check the various parameters of the hoist, including signs, metal structures, hooks, wire ropes, pulleys, brakes, reducers, electrical, safety devices, no-load tests, etc., to ensure that all parameters are in a normal state. 
2. When the wire rope is oiled, should use the hard brush or wooden piece, it is strictly forbidden to directly apply oil to the working wire rope.
3. When the wire rope electric hoist is not working, it is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air, it will cause permanent deformation of the parts.
4. During the use, special attention should be paid to the wearing parts. If found the faults, should cat off the main power immediately and repair.
5. Wire rope electric hoists shall not lift heavy objects aslant, and shall not be overloaded.
6. During the use, the operator should check the wire rope for disorder, knotting, troughing, wear and so on. If have, should eliminate in time.
wire rope electric hoist

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