Use and introduction of floor mounted jib crane

The floor mounted jib crane is a new type of lifting tool for workshops, it is a light and small lifting equipment with the advantages of simple operation, convenient installation, high safety, low cost and wide application, is the most suitable lifting machine for small weights, mass production and less heavy object handling work, high efficiency, high precision operation, the movement direction is not restricted by the working environment, flexible rotation, large working space, can be widely used in the production lines of assembly mines, workshops, assembly lines, load and transport the workpieces of machine tools, as well as heavy lifting of warehouses, docks and other occasions.
The floor mounted jib crane can be designed according to the user's needs. It consists of column, rotating arm and electric hoist. The rotation angle of the cantilever arm can be customized according to user requirements, 180 degree, 270 degree, 360 degree. The rotation part can be manually or electrically rotated, saving the labor force and greatly improve work efficiency, and develop various specifications to meet different working environments.
floor mounted jib crane

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