The wire rope electric hoists model

Wire rope electric hoist is suitable for working environment with temperature of -25 °C - +40 °C, humidity not higher than 85%, altitude below 1000m, no explosion hazard and corrosive gas, can be installed on the main beam of crane, or can be installed on I-beams for vertical lifting, and can also be operated along special rail loads. Wire rope electric hoist is widely used in warehouses, stockyards, manufacturing workshops and other occasions.
Common wire rope electric hoist specifications are: CD, CD1, MD, MD1. For example, an electric hoist specification model is expressed as: CD1-2t-9-D(A2), the meaning of the alphanumeric representation: D indicates electric trolley, A2 indicates fixed type, 2t indicates rated load is 2t, and 9 indicates lifting height is 9m.
The difference between different models of wire rope electric hoists
CD (CD1) and MD (MD1): CD wire rope electric hoist is a single-speed electric hoist with only one lifting speed. The MD electric hoist is a two-speed electric hoist with two speeds, fast and slow. For some occasions which reuires high accuracy on speed, should use MD wire rope electric hoist.
CD1 and MD1 are improved on the basis of CD and MD wire rope electric hoist, the CD and MD electric hoist are compact, safe and reliable, and have the advantages of strong versatility and convenient maintenance.
wire rope electric hoist

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