The reason of electric leakage in electric hoists

It is very dangerous for the electric hoist to leak electricity during use. Therefore, the user should understand the reasons for the leakage and analyze it according to the most common daily situations. Here are some reasons for the electricity leakage.
1. Problems with power supply
There are no protective measures for the power cord, each complete power cord should be protected by an insulation layer. When the insulation layer is damaged, there will be a leakage phenomenon of electric hoist.
2. The power source is defective and the corresponding neutral wire is not installed in accordance with regulations, so that it is prone to leakage during using.
3. There is a problem with the power cord itself. 
4. Wet working environment: The moist environment will cause the electric shock to the operator. In addition, the rain will also cause leakage of electricity.
5. The interface is unqualified, and there is a wire leakage. The electricity leakage phenomenon will occur after the power is turned on.
wire rope electric hoist

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