The lifting platform working speed lower

As using for a long time, the speed of the lifting platform rise and fall will become slower and slower, and need to be take measures to adjust the solution.
Solution for slower lifting platform:
1. When the hydraulic lifting platform cannot be started with load, the hydraulic system pressure should be checked. If the pressure is lower than the normal range, should be re-set and adjust the relief valve by the professional.
2. After long-term use of hydraulic oil, there may be impurities in the oil or the oil has gone bad.  Should carry out sample to check whether it contains solid particles, or discoloration, or dor, and if necessary, should replace the hydraulic oil.
3. Hydraulic piping is also a very important part. Check whether the hydraulic pipeline is blocked, special check the hydraulic valves, include one-way stop valve, electromagnetic reversing valve, proportional control valve, relief valve, etc. If there is a problem, the hydraulic valve should be cleaned or replaced in time.
hydraulic lifting platform

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