The height limiter of jib cantilever crane

The height limiter device of the jib cantilever crane assembly combines the stroke switch with the convex-concave brace structure. The structure is simple and the action is sensitive, which effectively suppresses the occurrence of personal injury and crane damage, ensures the safe production of the construction site.
Structure and installation: The travel switch is bolted to a semi-closed protective box made of thin steel plate, the bottom of the protective box is welded with two slide seats. The convex and concave pull strips can move left and right along the slide. There is a small hole at one end of the convex and concave type brace for fixing the thin steel wire rope.
The jib cantilever crane lifting height limiter can be installed next to the electric hoist or in the power distribution cabinet. During installation, the thin steel wire rope is fixed into the small hole at one end of the convex-concave brace, the other end is fixed on the top of the hoist, and the travel switch lead is connected to the AC contactor of the power distribution cabinet.
slewing arm jib crane

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