Technical requirements for electric wire rope hoist installa

The electric wire rope hoist can be used independently or as a main lifting accessory with a large crane machine. It is small structure and is easy to operate. The installation quality of electric wire rope hoist is a prerequisite for ensuring that the hoist can maintain a good working condition and extend its service life.
In order to ensure that the electric wire rope hoist will not derail or collide when runs to the end of the track, although the electric wire rope hoist is equipped with a limiter, at the same time, some buffer devices should be installed at both ends of the running track.
In order to ensure the safety of electricity, the grounding wire should be set. 
Before the installation, the parts should be inspected for damage or defects, and should be replaced in time.
The installation process should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation process.
electric wire rope hoist

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