Simple hydraulic lifting platform design

Simple hydraulic lifting platform is a vertical transport of people or things lifting machinery, also refers to the factory, automated warehouses and other logistics systems for vertical transport equipment, lifting platform is often also equipped with plane conveyor equipment, as different height production line connecting device, generally adopts hydraulic drive, so be called hydraulic lifting platform, in addition to the goods at different heights delivery, also widely used in high altitude installation, maintenance and other operations.
Because the free-lifting characteristics, the hydraulic lifting platform are widely used in municipal maintenance, wharf, logistics center, cargo transport, construction and decoration, etc., if install the truck chassis, battery chassis, it can also be free to walk, the height of the work space can be also changed, light weight, free to move, electric start, support legs, simple operation, large operating surface, can work across the obstacles 360 degrees high-altitude.
monile lifting platform

fixed lifting platform

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