Scissor lift table using precautions

1. When the power-on indicator of the scissor lift table is illuminated, press the up button, the motor will rotate and the scissor lift table will not rise. This may be because the motor is reversed after the three-phase power is connected, only the power supply can be corrected;
2. The scissor lift table should work strictly according to its specified carrying capacity, and overloading may result in damage to personnel and cargo;
3. People must work carefully on the scissor lift table without safety guardrails;
4. When the scissor lift table is working, the chassis must be fixed and the installation is stable;
5. When the scissor lift table is working abnormally, it should be stopped immediately to avoid serious damage to the lifting platform;
6. Non-electrical professionals are not allowed to disassemble and install electrical appliances at will to prevent electric shock or misconnection;
scissor lift table

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