Scissor lift platform service

The scissor lift platform has built-in battery power supply, no need external power supply, and can lift, lower, turn,  retreat, fast, slow by control handle, flexible movement, convenient operation, labor saving, and labor saving, make the work at height easier and faster. The scissor lift platform is an ideal aerial work equipment for efficient and safe production of modern enterprises.
Precautions for the scissor lift platform using:
1. Arrange the special person to operate the scissor lift platform and operate in strict accordance with the user manual.
2. Before work, carefully check whether the electrical system, hydraulic system and mechanical system are normal. If there is any abnormality, should solve in time.
3. After the movable door of the fence is locked, can start to work.
4. When the lifting operation fails or abnormally works, the maintenance personnel should notify the maintenance personnel immediately to repair and cut off the power supply.
scissor lift platform

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