Reasons why the lifting platform cannot rise

One. Motor does not run:
1. The power supply line is out of power or the power supply is out of phase;
2. AC contactor or control circuit malfunction;
3. The circuit of travel switch or control button is disconnected;
4. The motor winding is damaged.
Two. Motor "buzzing" noise:
1. The power supply line or AC contactor is out of phase;
2. Insufficient supply voltage;
3. Issue card for oil pump or coupling.
Three. The motor is running but the cylinder is not working (not oiled):
1. The motor is running in the wrong direction;
2. The oil pump is not running with the motor and the coupling is damaged;
3. Oil pump wears out, leaks or is damaged;
4. The pressure setting of the oil circuit board overflow valve is incorrect;
5. Poor performance of check valve of oil circuit board;
6. The oil circuit board drain valve is not closed tightly.
Hydraulic lifting platform
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