Prevention measures of jib crane brake

The brake is an important safety component of the jib crane. It has the functions of preventing the falling of the lifted object and realizing the parking, ensuring the accuracy and safe production of the jib crane.
In the jib crane operation, the brake may have insufficient braking force, the brake suddenly fails, the brake wheel temperature is too high, the brake gasket smokes, and the brake arm does not open.

Jib crane brake fault prevention measures

Regularly check and maintain the brakes. The brakes of the hoisting mechanism must be checked once a shift. The brakes of the operating mechanism should be checked once a day. The main contents are as follows:
1. Whether there is any stuck or worn condition at the hinge, and there is no looseness at each fastening point;
2. Whether the movements of the various moving parts are normal;
3. Whether the hydraulic system is normal;
4. Whether the wear between the brake wheel and the brake band is normal and clean.
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