Precautions for use of mini electric hoist

Mini electric hoist is a kind of electric hoisting equipment that is very close to the life of residents. It is often suitable for common lifting operations such as home decoration and moving work. Before using it, need to learn the using precautions to ensure the use security.
1. Before using the mini electric hoist, read the instruction manual and the parameters on the nameplate, especially the lifting weight and lifting height. Must not use it for overload, or lift dangerous materials that are flammable or explosive, such as gas tanks, gas bottles, etc.
2. Pay attention to working time when using mini electric hoist. Generally, need to rest for at least 10 minutes after working for 2 hours.
3. Before use, pay attention to the use environment, and do not have any debris to affect the operation of the mini electric hoist. It is best to place a warning sign to note the people near the construction site.
4. After use, clean the surface of the mini electric hoist. After using it for a period of time, it should be lubricated and maintained. It is best to wear gloves when applying anti-rust grease to the wire to prevent scratching the palm.
mini electric hoist

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