Mobile lifting platform operation

Inspection before using

Before the mobile lifting platform operation, should be checked the following content, to ensure the mobile lifting platform keep good working condition and performance:
a. Unsure the mobile lifting platform power cord is in good condition.
b. Each button of mobile lifting platform is valid.
c. Ensure oil pipelines have no oil leakage.
d. Check and ensure the nuts of each cross point on the folding boom and the nuts of the working platform and safety fence are fastened.

Mobile lifting platform operation steps

a. After inspecting the appearance and performance, make sure there is no obstruction above the mobile lifting platform.
b. Stretch the support leg, adjust the leg bolts so that the mobile lifting platform keep balance, then lock the leg retainer.
c. Turn on the power, after the indicator light is on and unload testing times, then start working
d. Press the "up" or "down" button to raise or lower the work platform.
mobile lifting platform

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