Mobile jib crane safety operation

1. When the mobile jib crane is working, parked or driving, it should keep a safe distance from the ditch;
2. The mobile jib crane should be placed on a flat and solid ground during operation, and the inclination of the fuselage must not exceed the specified value of mobile jib crane;
3. Should fix the support legs before lifting;
4. The clutch lever should be locked during operation;
5. The mobile jib crane and hanging objects both should have safety distance with aerial conductor;
6. The cantilever arm should be slow move and must not be braked urgently, and should check the deflection if the lifted object is near full load;
7. When the mobile jib crane move with object, the hanging object should be located in front of the crane. It should not be too high from the ground, the weight should not exceed 2/3 of the allowable lifting weight and drive slowly.
mobile jib crane

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