Main technical features of mobile scissor lift platform

1. Mobile scissor lift platform adopts high-strength rectangular pipes for countertops, underframes and scissor structures;

2. Use the standard cold-formed channel steel as the rail, large contact surface, the stable lifting, and small shaking;

3. Hydraulic cylinder: Mobile scissor lift platform uses the built-in explosion-proof valve, and it has overload protection function, adopts imported sealing ring, durable and does not leak;

4. The mobile scissor lift platform use special hydraulic pump station for the lift, and is equipped with an emergency descent valve, which can be manually controlled to decrease when the power is off;

5. Inflatable rubber tires;

6. Electrical circuit, appliances, contactors are with thermal overload protection, phase loss protection and other safety protection functions;

7. The control box is equipped with an emergency stop button to protect the property and personal safety, and each operating part uses 24V safety control voltage;

8. The mobile scissor lift platform surface use the shot blasting to rust removal, electrostatic powder coating, excellent coating appearance quality, strong adhesion and mechanical strength, long-lasting.
mobile scissor lifting platform

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