Key points of cantilever jib crane design

The design of cantilever jib crane needs to do the following:
1. The micro-movement performance of the cantilever jib crane is better, and the minimum single rope stable speed is not greater than 2m / min;
2. There should be maximum and minimum limits for the main amplitude. Force sensors can be installed on the horn rope or the main horn pull plate;
3. The vertical oil cylinder needs to be equipped with a pressure sensor to check whether the forces on the two side pull plates are balanced, and the force conditions of the two are displayed on the display screen;
4. The mast needs to be installed with an angle sensor, and its value is used to calculate the amplitude of the mast;
5. If the horizontal cylinder type can be steplessly changed, a length sensor needs to be installed, otherwise, a positioning pin can be used to ensure the width of the overlifting weight at a determined range.
cantilever jib crane

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