Introduction of chain hoist parts

Improve the compact design of the chain hoist; gears are heat-treated and high-precision grinding, long life; gears are immersed in the grease, running noise is low and stable.
Electric control box
The electrical control box contains all electrical components such as contactors, transformers, wiring terminals, etc. Its design is easy to install, disassemble and maintain.
Chain hoist body
The chain hoist body is made of die-cast aluminum, which  is lightweight and dissipates heat quickly.
The brake is designed and manufactured according to the service life of the chain hoist FEM working grade system, and braking is efficient, safe, and easy to adjust and maintain.
Chain box
The chain box has different specifications that can be selected according to the different lifting heights. It is durable and not easy to wear.
The sprockets composed of 5 or 6 chain sockets are heat-treated and precision ground to make the lifting more stable.
chain hoist

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