Inferior hydraulic oil of hydraulic lifting platform

Hydraulic oil is a must-have for hydraulic lifting platform, it is not only functions as system lubrication and energy transfer, but also rust proof, corrosion proof and cooling. The quality of hydraulic oil will affect the service life and operation safety of hydraulic lifting platform.
An important indicator of the quality of hydraulic oil is the appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance, it can ensure accurate and sensitive transmission of power under changing operating temperatures, and reduce the hydraulic oil flow rate, and the oil pump drain.
Inferior hydraulic oil is turbid, high in viscosity, high in impurities, high in moisture content, lacking necessary chemical additives, prone to rust or corrosion of metals, emulsification of oil, markedly reduced lubricity, accelerated aging of hydraulic system, and reduced service life of hydraulic lifting platform.
The high-quality hydraulic oil has no color and odor, has good rust resistance and oxidation stability, is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and has added anti-wear agent, which can reduce the wear of hydraulic system, especially the hydraulic pump, extend the service life of the hydraulic lifting platform.
And suggest the user replace the hydraulic oil once every six months, in order to ensure smooth oil flow and normal operation of the hydraulic lifting platform operation.
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