Hydraulic lifting platform 3m 30m

The hydraulic lifting platform is a multifunctional lifting and loading and unloading machinery, lifting height ranges is from 3 meter to 30 meters, can also be customized according to user requirements. It is widely used in automobile, container, mold manufacturing and wood processing, chemical filling and other industrial enterprises and production lines to meet the lifting needs of different working heights, The hydraulic lifting platform can be equipped with various types of countertops, stable and accurate lifting, frequent start-up, heavy load, high-speed and efficient completion of industrial enterprises various types of lifting operations.
The hydraulic lifting platform has good lifting stability and wide application range, is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the production line with height difference; adjust the height of the workpiece during the assembly; the feeding and unloading of large machine tools; the storage and loading with forklifts and other vehicles, etc.
According to the different structure of the hydraulic lifting platform: scissor lift platform, lifting and lowering lifting platform, rail lifting platform, telescopic lifting platform, folding arm lifting platform.
According to the different methods of movement: fixed lifting platform, towed mobile lifting platform, self-propelled lifting platform, vehicle-mounted lifting platform, and driving type lifting platform.
mobile lifting platform

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