Hydraulic lifting platform 300kg 500kg 1000kg

The hydraulic lifting platform adopts high-strength high-quality steel material, and it is driven by the hydraulic pump station to drive the chain, structure is reasonable and compact, beautiful shape, small size, light weight, stable lifting, etc., and can be operated up and down on the platform.
Hydraulic lifting platform is balance in elevating, easy to operate, can be widely used in high-altitude operations in halls and workshops, large supermarkets, guesthouses, station waiting room, airport terminal, theater, exhibition hall, gymnasium and other places, is the best safety aerial work companion for maintenance of machinery, paint decoration, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance.
The height of hydraulic lifting platform is 3m to 18m, other heights can be customized. The scissor structure can increase stability of the equipment, ensure safe operation, reduce the amplitude of equipment shaking. The hydraulic lifting platform is equipped with a high-quality hydraulic pumping station, die-cast aluminum integrated valve block, compact structure, driven by a hydraulic pump station, reasonable structure and compact design.
hydraulic lifting platform

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