Hoisting speed and running speed of column mounted jib crane

The working speed of the column mounted  jib crane includes the hoisting speed, the running speed of the trolley. The choice of working speed depends on a variety of factors.
First of all, it is related to lifting weight. The column mounted jib cranes with medium and small lifting weights use high speed to increase productivity; jib cranes with large lifting weight should use low speed to reduce driving power and improve running stability and safety.
The speed of work also depends on the column mounted jib cranes work level and requirements of use. High speed, frequently used, high-efficiency cranes require high speeds, the jib crane has a low working level and the working mechanism for the adjustable operation can be used at a low speed.
Depending on the purpose of the column mounted jib cranes, the crane used for equipment installation and maintenance should be of low speed or double speed (fast, slow), micro speed or speed as required.
In addition, the working speed is also related to the size of the working service space. It is advisable to use high speed for long running distance and high lifting height. When the column mounted jib cranes runs a short distance, it is not advisable to use high speed.
column mounted jib crane

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