HHBB electric chain hoist manufacturer

* Rated load: 1/6~20 tons;
* Test load should be greater than 125% rated load;
* Light weight and easy to install;
* Can be used with voltages and frequencies in various countries
* When the electric chain hoist lifting weight exceeds the rated load or the hook reach the limit position, the protection device will start automatically, so that the power and the gear are disengaged to ensure safety;
* When the button is released or the power is turned off, the brake automatically operates to ensure that the load does not fall;
* The high-speed end adopts helical gears for heat treatment and tooth surface grinding, no noise and stable;
* The hook is heat treated and securely buckled and can be rotated 360 degrees;
* Hook, transmission gear and chain safety multiple should be greater than 5;
* The electric chain hoist adopt waterproof mechanical interlock switch.
electric chain hoist

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