Floor mounted jib crane overload protection device

The overhead protection device of floor mounted jib crane can issue an light or sound warning signal when the lifting weight reaches about 90% of the rated lifting capacity; when the lifting weight exceeds the rated lifting capacity, the floor mounted jib crane will be automatically stopped.
Technical requirements for overhead protection devices for floor mounted jib cranes:
The Safety Technical Specification for Crane Overload Protection Device (GB12602-90) stipulates the functional requirements, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and safety management measures for various types of crane overload protection devices. 
The Safety Technical Specification requires that the following must meet the requirement power, and can be installed on the floor mounted jib crane after the inspection and test: supply units and switch locking devices, anti-interference, strength margin, materials, construction, set points, integrated error, signal, display error, operation error, vibration shock resistance, temperature adaptability of electronic components, the voltage fluctuation resistance, the insulation resistance of the power supply unit, the overload capacity, the protection level, the reliability, and the fatigue strength.
floor mounted jib crane

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