Explosion proof electric hoist design

Explosion proof electric hoist is suitable for the construction site which has explosion-proof requirements, with flammable gas or explosive gas and mixture. The working environment temperature is -25°C~+40°C, suitable for indoor use, if used outdoors, it needs to be equipped with protective devices.

Explosion proof electric hoist structure features:

1. Explosion proof electric hoist is composed of several parts that can be disassembled separately, is very convenient to use, maintain and overhaul, and can shorten the maintenance period.
2. Explosion proof motor, explosion proof control box is the separate flameproof structure, the control buttons, limit switches, explosion-proof lifting weight limiters are in line with the corresponding explosion-proof requirements.
3. The parts are highly versatile and interchangeable.
4. The reducer adopts standard modulus cylindrical gear for easy maintenance.
explosion proof electric hoist

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