Explanation of common terms for jib crane

Lifting capacity: Maximum rated weight of crane design load, includes: rated lifting weight, electric hoist, hoist trolley and other devices (15% of rated lifting weight) and impact load (25% of rated lifting weight). The design load plus hoist weight is used to calculate the allowable deflection of the crane. Load test can hoist 125% of rated lifting capacity;
Span: For the jib crane, the span is the distance from the center of the pivot to the end of the cantilever arm;
Cantilever arm: Horizontal I-beam which the hoist trolley runs along;
Working span: The working span (or hook coverage) is smaller than the span of the jib crane. It refers to the maximum extension of the hook and the distance between the hoist trolley and the column.
Cantilever net height: the distance from the ground to the cantilever arm edge of jib crane.
Flange width: The width of the lower flange of the I-beam. This dimension needs to be referred to when selecting the running trolley.
floor mounted jib crane

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