Electric hoist manufacturer design

Electric hoist consists of electric motor, transmission mechanism and reel or sprocket, it is divided into electric chain hoist and electric wire rope hoist, is usually driven by squirrel-cage cone rotor motor with brake. The weight is generally 0.1-80 tons. The lifting height is 3 to 30 meters.
Electric hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment with a wide range of uses, it is characterized by small size, light weight and large carrying capacity, is often installed on electric single girder bridge cranes and suspended cranes for lifting and moving. Electric hoists mainly include wire rope electric hoist, electric chain hoist, miniature electric hoist and explosion-proof electric hoist.
Most electric hoists are operated on the ground by a button, or can be operated in the driver's cab or wired (wireless) remote control. The lever hoist and the hand hoist are called manual hoists, which are used to lift heavy objects.
electric hoist

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