Electric circuit of jib crane

The electrical installation of general jib cranes is performed by professional electrical technicians at the equipment installation site. The manufacturer only determines the length of the cable and connects the copper wiring nose to the cable. The remaining wires can only be cut on site. Then put on the wire number one by one to the electrical components or motor terminals.
Due to the constraints of the installation environment, detection methods and installation equipment, the reliability and accuracy of the cable connection is poor, which will cause poor shock resistance of the line during use, poor contact, and multiple commissioning during installation, which will affect the performance and performance of the jib crane. Installation time is wasted, and serious damage can be caused to electrical appliances or motors.
In the replacement of jib crane electrical components, maintenance lines or replacement of cables and wires, professional and technical personnel still need to carry out complicated line measurement and complicated and tedious processes during repeated installation, and special tools are required during installation.
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