Electric chain hoist specifications and using fields

The electric chain hoist common specifications are 1 ton, 2 ton 3 ton, 5 tons, 7.5 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, lifting height 3-12 meters, lifting speed 0.08/8m / min, working voltage is 380V, slow speed and stable lifting. It can also be equipped with a wireless remote control according to customer requirements.
1. The motor adopts the disc brake motor with brake device, which is quick in braking and accurate in positioning.
2. The gear box and outer casing against external impact are made of alloy steel cover, which is not easily damaged when impacted.
3. The lifting chain is made of alloy steel, is durable and has a safety pull of 1:6 times to ensure safety in use.
4. The reducer adopts the planetary gear structure, the gear adopts the alloy steel with heat treatment, the noise is low during operation, the service life is long, and the operation is stable.
5. The push button switch adopts the rainproof type direct control switch, which can better control the start and stop of electric chain hoist.
Electric chain hoist is suitable for chain lifting hoist for lifting large heavy loads for large oil tank lifting, climbing frame in construction engineering, climbing mold climbing, processing workshop, warehouse, dock, and various modernization, the material loading and unloading and equipment installation work in the production line/assembly line, convenient to use and easy to operate.
electric chain hoist

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