Electric chain hoist motor inspection

The electric chain hoist uses a three-phase asynchronous AC motor, which can be used not only as a power plant in the industrial industry, but also as a power plant in agriculture, transportation, and engineering. 
Check the fuse of the electric chain hoist motor fuse before starting, and check whether the wiring of each line is firm, whether there is broken strand, and check whether the motor is out of phase.
The electric chain hoist should check whether the transmission mechanism has any defects, whether the coupling screw and the chain hoist sprocket are flexible, and prevent the motor from idling or jamming. 
Check that the protective grounding of the motor around the electric chain hoist is firm. Before use, check that the grounding resistance of the grounding device has reached the standard of use.
The inspection before the start of the electric chain hoist motor should not be sloppy, and the chain hoist motor can always be in good running state to ensure the normal operation of the production.
electric chain hoist

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