Column mounted jib crane maintenance

Column mounted jib crane operation and maintenance
1. The operator should strictly observe the column mounted jib crane operation regulations, and overloading is not allowed;
2. The terminal baffles is not allowed as a brake;
3. The chains or steel ropes for tying heavy objects must have sufficient strength and be bundled firmly and reliably. The ropes or chains should be cushioned at the acute angles around the heavy objects;
4. Lifting and moving of heavy objects should be carried out vertically. It is forbidden to use electric hoists to drag or forcibly lift heavy objects buried in the ground, nor is it allowed to turn the column mounted jib crane to perform dragging and impacting;
5. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the top of the weight, and pedestrians are not allowed below;
6. Do not suspend heavy objects in the air after work or rest;
7. Every six months, add lubricating oil to the rotating parts;
8. The column mounted jib crane paint may be repainted or re-brushed according to the peeling condition.
column mounted jib crane

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