Classification of wire rope

According to whether the direction in which the steel wire rope is twisted into strands is consistent with the direction in which the strands are twisted into ropes, it can be divided into:
1. Twisted Wire Rope
The direction of twisting the yarn into strands is opposite to that of twisting into strands. Because the strands and ropes are in opposite directions, they are not easy to twist and loose during use, and are widely used on electric hoist.
2. Coaxially twisted wire rope
The direction of twisted strands is the same as that of twisted strands, and the flexibility and service life are better than that of alternating twisted ropes, but because of its easy twisting and looseness, it is generally used only as a traction rope.
3. No twist wire rope
This kind of steel wire rope, the torsion torque of the strand and the rope is equal, and the direction is opposite, which overcomes the torsion phenomenon during use, and is often used on electric hoist with a large lifting height.
wire rope

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