Cantilever jib crane test run

1. Before the test run, add 30 # mechanical oil into the rotary reducer to the mid-point (change the oil every six months).
2. During the test run, first press each button to check whether the running direction match with the controller indication symbols match.
* No-load test: the electric hoist should run smoothly on the cantilever arm when it runs left and right and up and down, and the swing arm should be flexible and stable when rotating, and the outer end has a certain deflection F≥R / 250 (R is the radius of gyration).
* Rated load test: Under the rated load, the crane hook is at the extreme position away from the end of the column to lift the heavy object and rotate (electric or manual), test for 15 minutes, the drop value of the cantilever distal end should not exceed R / 125mm .
In order to prevent accidents caused by operation failures, a switch that can cut off the power supply in the event of an emergency must be installed near the jib crane, and should adopt the medium-sized rubber sheathed four-core cable.
cantilever jib crane

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